This is quite explosive ground to walk on, especially if you have no children of your own…or…to put it another way, when you are not emotionally related to an event, you have a different perspective.

Nobody has the whole truth because truth is related to just a percentage of what I will explain below.

I’ll let you listen and decide if it makes sense or not.

I have been working in schools for 30 years. In this period of time, I’ve seen changes, lots of them, in both educational systems and in children.

Here are a few very relevant facts:

….Children are becoming more and more emotionally unstable

….It seems difficult for parents to raise their children so they will become the new EQ generation of tomorrow

….The majority of married couples want to have at least one child

……Nowadays, often both husband and wife have a professional life so they hurry to put their children in nursery at the age of 18 months. This enables the mother to go back to work as soon as possible

……Kids are put together in classes of 15 to 20

Now, all this leads to the following questions:

1….Is a class of toddlers a natural environment? Have you ever seen a family with 15 two, three or four years old kids ? Have you ever noticed that when a three year old starts to cry in a classroom, others follow? And this community bond gets stronger as the time passes…

2…..No matter how good the teacher is or how kind the child’s peers are, can they replace the love, kindness and quietness of being with the parents?

3 ….How many hours do these children stay with their parents in a day compared with how many hours they stay in an educational institution?

4…After many years of this situation, when these children reach the age of 11 years and upwards, who will they listen to: their parents or their peers?

I am talking to the people who have life choices and the means to choose.

Are you ready to give all the time your child needs to develop a strong, emotional back-bone before sending him or her out into the world?

One of the best educational systems in northern Europe is the one where the kids start school at six years old and have the shortest school days.

When grown-ups complain about our children, have they also looked at the system these kids have to pass through?????

Children are being pushed to socialize before they develop strong bonds with their parents…

What are the implications of such decisions in the child’s life and in this new generation we are creating?…

I’ll let you think. I’ll let you take time to think and have a second look at what we are doing.

Thank you for reading.

Wherever you are in the world today, have a nice day.