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Easier to deal with and “deletable”

 We see that more and more often: a family sitting at a table and the kids, dad and mum all have their own smartphones. While they are physically sitting together, they are with other people via smartphones.

Funnier than this one and even more relevant to what is happening in our world is the following: People go out together, teens or adults, all the same, and although they chose by their own will to go out with their friends, they still are somewhere else and with somebody else via their smartphones. People are less and less with others physically near them. Digital friends and digital family are taking over.

There might have other reasons for this new behavior, but tell me if what I will try to explain makes sense to you?

We are in a world of collaboration, we interact with others much more than before. Yet, these mobile devices are giving us more moments of privacy. I am not joking, if you have to use a public toilet in a mall, get ready to wait, people are sitting in there texting, looking, downloading, they do everything except what they did come to do in the first place…

But to come back to my main idea. Digital friends do not breech you own space. Digital friends are kept at bay and they criticize less that people next to you. Digital friends are cute and you are cute to them because we see just a part of each other; you don’t see their flaws and they don’t see yours, fair enough! And, I nearly forgot, you can delete them so you do not have to use patience nd tolerance.

I might have a hard time with my mum if I am next to her, but when we both use the APP Draw Something to communicate and keep in touch, we can get along very well, a much more pleasant communication, although it is not deep communication; we both avoid unpleasant moments.

I am not giving answer, I am just opening the door for you to see without being judgmental, where we are going and more, what are we becoming?

 Thanks for reading! Kamon (Diane)